First of all I like to welcome you on my website.
I will take you with my introduction on a short tour of my life.
The fetish we share is in my experience not a common one and may give some serious hurdles in our lives. I will share my experiences on my life with a jeans fetish so others can relate to it, understand it, and enjoy the posts I write.

So, let’s begin. My name is Do, I am a 34 year old man living in the Netherlands.
Since as long as I can remember I am heavily attracted to tight and skinny jeans.
In fact, this started for me as early as from elementary school, since I was around ten years of age.

Of course, when you are at that age you have no idea about what’s going on.
The only thing I noticed was that when other girls were wearing skinny jeans I just could not stop looking at it. And it wasn’t necessarily only girls I looked at, sometimes a few boys worn also a pair of skintight jeans with some kind of subtle shiny coating on top.
So the attraction did go both ways, to girls and boys.

Fast forward six years later you can image this jeans fetish was already a strong part of me.
And everywhere I looked there were always woman wearing the most sexy tight jeans on them.
At school, at work, with friends, public places, everywhere.
This really boosted my tight jeans fetish.

When I was sixteen years old, I started to search the internet for some “Jeans Porn“.
And boy.. did I found a lot of interesting images and videos.. I was sold!
Not only did a found material that I was genuinely attracted to, for the first time I did not felt alone in this.
I knew at that moment I wasn’t the only person on the planet that had a so called jeans fetish.
It also was the first time I head of this “Jeans Fetish” term.

The moment I discovered the internet and easy access to the porn I liked, I found myself surfing the internet I whole lot more.
Little as I knew I really started to hook myself on this porn.
There were even periods I masturbated 7 to 8 times a daily fantasizing about girls and boys in tight jeans.

It was also around that time that I bought my first woman’s skinny jeans to wear for myself in private when I’m home alone.
I remember it very well, walking into the clothing store with my heart pounding and walking towards the woman’s section. A girl who worked there approached me and asked if she could help me.
Now my heart is racing, what do I tell her?
So I told her that I was looking for a pair of jeans for my ‘ ‘girlfriend’.
She reacted enthusiastically and asked me what size she was, and I told her we had similar body proportions, same height, width, etc.
I saw some amazing blue skinny jeans with these faded spots and she told me what size I needed.
I bought them. thanked her, and when I came home I immediately put on these jeans.
And I can’t express what I felt when I put on those jeans, what a feeling, and what a sight!
It looked so sexy and it felt super sexy, I was hooked!

I felt more attractive wearing these tight jeans, and they also fit more comfortably then my other men’s jeans.
And on top of that I got me very aroused by looking at myself in these tight jeans and watching my body in the mirror. It was an amazing first experience which I remember vividly to this day.

However, when you are around 16 years old you also enter a phase in which you start dating.
And so did I, but there was a serious hurdle in my dating life.
When I was dating other girls I wasn’t attracted to them naked.
Most of the times I was only attracted to them when they were wearing skintight jeans.

I never wanted vanilla sex, I could not and still not get aroused by it.
Vanilla or general sex with a woman just doesn’t do it for me, I am not at all attracted to it.
All I wanted to do is to touch, feel, kiss and lick their skintight jeans.

Now it isn’t hard to imagine that in practice this introduces some problems in the relationships I’ve had.
Because I wasn’t interested in naked or vanilla sex, the woman I was with always felt like I didn’t want them, which introduces other relationship problems in turn.
It is safe to say that because of my jeans fetish many relationships did suffer.

I tried many times just to ignore my jeans fetish.
But if it succeeded for some time, it always came back even harder then before.

When I had the age of around 25 I found myself with a porn addiction, failed relationships and not really a clue where I should go with my life on a personal level. Should I go with the family lifestyle and ignore my jeans fetish completely? Or should I just discover my jeans fetish even more?
I choose the second option and started buying jeans from secondhand which were advertised on local websites.

This saved a lot of money and the thought that other woman did wear these jeans always got me a bit excited.

So I started to buy loads of girls skinny jeans, leather look jeans and some leggings.
And every time I was alone, which was a lot single I was single and living on my own, I made sure I was wearing skinny jeans.
Every time I looked in the mirror I was so attracted to those skinny jeans.
I loved how I looked in those skintight jeans, how my ass and legs felt and looked.. I was hooked.

In the meantime I began to fantasize more about dating men while I was wearing these girls jeans.
Later I’ll talk more about that in other posts, but for now lets make sure we stay on the subject.
I made an appointment with another men at his house who also had a jeans fetish.
He was seriously older and make no mistake about it, I’m not attracted to men as I’m attracted to girls, but I was really interested in being a subject of a other men’s fantasy of me wearing skintight jeans.
So on this date I was wearing some white skintight jeans, while he was groping, kissing and licking me jeans. And I loved that.

We never met again after the date, we lost contact and so I began to date a few other men.
All dates involved more or less love for skinny jeans, but as you can imagine I also went a bit further.
I never have been attracted to a man, but to actually please another men orally is something which I’ve always been attracted too. Even when my ex-girlfriends were giving me a blowjob, I’ve always fantasized about me sucking someone off.

So I dated a few men in the meantime when I wasn’t dating another girl.
And all in complete secrecy because well, I’m still discovering and shame is also a huge factor.

Now in this time I really discovered crossdressing.
Crossdressing is something I really love to do.
Just knowing during the day you will dress your tightest jeans with heels, a nice sweater and wig is something to look forward too!

Just to give an image of what I look like when dressing up with some tight Hollister jeans:

Now all this clothes take a lot of space.
And because all is done in secrecy I do not want others to find it.

When I came into another relationship I threw away all clothes.
And it felt liberating too be honest.
It feels like some weight is dropping of your shoulders because you always have to hide your secrets.

But again, the urges came back and the relationship come to an end eventually.

So I started crossdressing in tight jeans again.
I started buying all kinds of skinny jeans, shirts, heels, etc.
When I ordered all kinds of clothing I just couldn’t wait for it to be deliverd.

Within 24 hours the first shipment came in and I started crossdressing right away!

As you can see above I just love crossdressing in tight jeans.

Now this cycle as mentioned above happened another time, and another time.

And now, 34 years later, I decided to talk about it a but more, open up about my stories, and really connect and find out how others navigate their life around this jeans fetish.

What I mainly struggle today about is how to deal with not having any interest in naked woman, and always want to make love to them in their tight skinny jeans.

I don’t like it when woman pull off their jeans.
All I want to do is lick their jeans endlessly, smell their jeans ass, and cum all over their jeans.

Can you relate with a jeans fetish in any way?
Then I would love to get in contact with you.

Feel free, in fact, please send me message.

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