[BLOG] Crossdressing in Tight Jeans

Because I have a jeans fetish, I love crossdressing in tight jeans.

I like the feeling of tight jeans around my legs so much.
Plus I think there is nothing more sexy then tight jeans.

There is nothing that gets me more excited then skinny jeans.
That includes skinny jeans around my own body.

Me wearing tight and skinny jeans while crossdressing as a girl.

The way I look in the mirror when wearing skinny jeans feels and looks so sexy.
This is a photo of me wearing tight Only jeans.

my ass in tight jeans when crossdressing

I really like the faded white spots on those jeans.

The photo below is the same Only jeans, but this time of my crotch.
I just absolutely love jeans crotches.

crossdressing in tight jeans

When I see a jeans crotch at another girl it drives me crazy.
The seams of those skinny jeans always gets me exited.
I always wonder how it would taste when I like the crotch.

Especially if the jeans are worn all day…

Now this is me crossdressing in skinny tight Levis jeans.
How do you think this jeans suits me?

me crossdressing in tight levis jeans

I get so aroused by wearing this tight jeans.
If I could I’d wear them all day everyday.

Even just watching this photo again of me wearing those tight Levis jeans got me so aroused.
Isn’t that strange?

Now when buying mens jeans, I like to buy the skinny jeans also.
Here is a photo of me wearing another skinny jeans.

me wearing tight skinny jeans
me crossdressing and wearing skintight jeans

As you can see, I am a huge tight jeans addict.
I love to lie on the sofa and just wear some tight jeans and enjoy myself.

Me wearing super tight jeans on the couch.

I love to see myself in tight jeans and I like to take pictures of myself while dressing.
The jeans you see below are some tight Only jeans.
I am in love with this color and the seam on the crotch.

It is what drives me crazy when I see that with other girls.

Me in sexy tight jeans

I love that tight denim seam and crotch with that ripped denim jeans.

This is me crossdressing with a some nice heels and blonde hair in tight Hollister jeans.
Hollister jeans are one of my favorite jeans to wear.
I almost love everyone of the models without exception.

This one is another model of Hollister jeans I own.
I think they are so sexy.
I’m in love with Hollister jeans.

So anyone with a jeans fetish might understand by now why I like to wear skinny jeans.
I love how they feel, how they look, and I feel sexy in them.

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