[BLOG] Love to cum in my tight jeans

I love to cum in my own tight jeans.
I love the feel of how all the seamen is shooting in my jeans.

And then to see how my jeans are becoming wetter and wetter.

Now I’ve done this for years.
I also love to make woman cum and squirt in their jeans.

In the past I’ve dated a girl who squirted a lot.
On the first times she squirted was when I was rubbing her wet pussy in her tight jeans.

She squirted so hard in her jeans it almost felt like she wet herself.

Of course I immediately started to lick her wet jeans crotch.
Remembering this always makes me excited all over again.

She loved to cum in her jeans.
And I loved to make her squirt in her jeans.

What I didn’t knew is that she also liked me cumming in my jeans.
I remember so vividly that she was masturbating me through my jeans.

My dick was growing harder and harder.
“Watch out” I said.. “I’m coming in my own jeans…”.
Then.. she stroked me just a bit faster.

And then I cummed so hard in my jeans..
All the sperm was on her hands, in my jeans.. it was so hot!

30 minutes later, that started all over again…
Everything was still wet from the sperm before.

She started to play with my dick again and in no time I cummed myself all over again in my jeans.
Now my jeans were all wet.. and we both loved it.

Now so many times followed that we were just watching TV and she just masturbated in my jeans.
I cummed so many times in my jeans because of her and I loved it.

And I did the same to her.
Just rubbing her pussy till she came and came and squirted in her tight jeans.

Often we pleased each other in our jeans simultaneously.

And I think that’s on of the hottest things there is.

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