Since when did my jeans fetish began?

Every now and then when I talk to someone about my jeans fetish I get the question where it all began.
Let’s dive into that.

My skinny jeans fetish began since I was around 9-10 years old.
I remember very well that at a very young age I started to heavily attract to skinny jeans.
When a girl in my class was wearing some very tight skinny jeans I just could not keep my eyes off her jeans.

But, the same goes for some boys. I remember that one boy in my class was wearing some extremely tight jeans and the same thing happened, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off it.

Yet I didn’t know why, nor did I really asked myself such a question.
It just happened but only many years later it’ll make some sense.

What I especially loved is when a girl was sitting in a chair and just spread her legs so you could just look into her jeans crotch. Like something as the image below.

Even at that age I just wanted to touch another girls jeans.

Sometimes people think fetishes are porn induced, meaning that porn creates a fetish.
However, because porn is something I wasn’t even familiar with I can really exclude that as an option.
This jeans fetish is actually a part of me which came out at a very young age.

What I also vividly remember that a friend of mine came over for a sleepover.
In the evening we were both in separate beds, reading comic books.
But he was wearing some tight grey jeans, which really fitted tight around his ass.
The only thing I was thinking is how I could lick his tight jeans ass.

When I went to high school I was amazed with all girls in their tight jeans.
I loved it, seeing so many different girls in their skinny jeans.

The stairs were my favorite thing in high school, just looking up at tight jeans asses, and jeans crotches of girls walking downstairs.

It was there when I met a boy called Tim.
Now Tim basically always did wear the same pair of jeans.
And I loved that pair of jeans, it was tight around his thighs, and tight around his butt.

Now Tim was the very first boy I really felt attraction too.
My guess has always been that Tim was either gay or bi sexual.
In that time I started to wear some more tight jeans myself.

One day I was wearing some soft tight black skinny jeans.
Tim and I sat next to each other all the way in the back in class.
Before I sat down I pulled my jeans up, so my jeans fitted really well around my butt and legs.

When we sat 15 minutes in class I saw Tim his eyes pointing toward my legs and crotch.
I spread my legs and the view of that with my tight legs was amazing.
Tim just grabbed my crotch out of the blue, I could feel his hands all over my crotch.
I got scared and asked what he was doing.
He turned red and got shy.

Somehow we didn’t talk about it anymore, but some time later when we were waiting in the hallway we messed around some more.
I hugged Tim in playful manner, but after some time I just couldn’t resist and put my hand on his tight jeans ass and pulled him towards me.
It were only a few seconds, but I loved it how his jeans felt around his tight ass.

A few days later we discussed a sleep over.
I really imagined that if we did a sleepover, I was certainly going to make a move on him.
All I wanted to do is kiss him, lick his tight jeans ass and jeans bulge.

Sadly the sleepover didn’t happen, and the next year I was moving to another school.
That also created that I did not had any contact with him anymore.
Even today on social media I am unable to find him.

But that’s in short how it began with me, basically it started all from a very young age and never left.
It’s really a part of me which will never leave.

Can you relate to this? Feel free to contact me!

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