[BLOG] I struggle with my jeans fetish

For all my life I have this jeans fetish.
My jeans fetish goes as far as I don’t even want to see a girl naked.

I’d rather see a girl in skintight jeans and enjoying her body in a few skinnies.

But this also comes with a few struggles.
For example, everywhere I go I’m distracted by so many girls wearing jeans.

In school, at work, with friends, everywhere…
I’m thinking about making a blog series for the struggles I have to share.
So maybe others can relate and not feel alone in this.

To give an example what I struggle with in my jeans fetish.

Some time ago I was doing some home improvement on the house.
My mother in law also gave a helping hand.

Now my mother in law has a very fit body for her age.
She is very, very attractive for her age..

When she came to help she was wearing super tight skinny Zara jeans..
I just couldn’t stop looking at her sexy ass.
All I could think was how her jeans would smell and taste like..

I can just imagine she would sit on my face, pushing that ass in my face, forcing me to lick it.

I was completely distracted.
All I could do is fantasize about me licking her jeans all over.

Even when I’m writing about it, I get excited all over again.

And that’s one of the struggles I have with my tight jeans fetish.
It’s so hard to ignore it, even when you want too.
It’s distracting.. all the time…

I mean, you see girls everywhere in tight jeans.
So everyday, every hour, I get distracted by some girl passing me in tight jeans.
And some skinny jeans just drive me crazy.
Especially Only, Levi’s, and Hollister jeans.

My neighbor is divorced woman with 2 young children.
She is not necessarily fit, but she has an amazing body in tight jeans.

Now my Ring doorbell always catches her when she walks by and I just love to see her sexy ass moving in that tight jeans.
Again, a distraction..

I have taken so many photos of her when she’s working in the garden in her tight jeans.
There are countless times of me fantasizing about her in her jeans.

But when we talk with each other I mostly feel like a creep.
Because I always stare down at her sexy tight jeans crotch.
And even though I try to hide that, I feel like sometimes it’s just impossible.
So when we talk, there is always a second voice in my head telling me to look at her tight jeans crotch.
It makes you feel a bit odd.

And I’m not attracted to naked girls at all, which may seem weird.
I’m very attracted to the jeans, how they look, feel and smell.

Dry humping to me is more attractive then actual penetration or sex.
I love to ride a sexy jeans, and to cum all over them…

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