Is it normal to have a jeans fetish?

Did you ever asked yourself the question?

Is it normal to have A Jeans Fetish?

The answer is yes. There are numerous studies that show over a third of the American population has a fetish in some shape or form. Again, 30%!

So that might give you a bit of contrast and whether you should doubt yourself again whether you are weird because you have a jeans fetish.

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How do you know if you have a jeans fetish?

Almost all men agree, tight jeans are sexy. But when does it become a fetish?
It becomes a fetish when you fantasize about it all day, when you want to touch it, lick it, and more.

Does the skinny jeans I show you below turn you on?
Then chances are you have a tight jeans fetish.

And again, this is normal.
30% of the American population has a fetish!
According to a study from EdenFantasys..

Do like you Denim Jeans?

Skinny Denim jeans are always sexy and teasing. I am more a fan of light colored jeans such as white or pale faded blue jeans.

Or Coated Jeans?

Shiny coated jeans are also one of my favorite types of jeans. I can’t tell you how sexy I find those. Coated jeans are a real teaser.

Just enjoy your fetish. It’s all okay!

I, and all the readers of this site enjoy our fetish to the fullest. Make sure you do too. It’s okay to have a fetish.

Let me know if you want to contact me and let’s talk.

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