What is A Tight Jeans Fetish?

A jeans fetish is a fetish which is a bit uncommon.
Basically where it comes down too is people who have this fetish are extremely attracted to people wearing tight jeans.

Now I for one have this fetish.
This fetish is not porn induced, at least not for me because this started way before I was introduced to porn.

I am mostly attracted to girls in tight jeans.
For some part I can be attracted to men in tight jeans, if they are womans jeans.

Every jeans fetishist has a favorite brand and type of jeans.
For me these are Hollister skinny jeans, and Levi’s Bold ID Curve.
I absolutely love them.

When you have a jeans fetish all you want to do is touch them, feel them, kiss and lick her tight skinny jeans all over.

Personally I love it when a girl wets her entire jeans, or squirting all in her jeans.

Also a common thing is that you lose interest in vanilla sex with your friend.

As far as I’m aware there are only men who have this fetish, I haven’t found a single woman who genuinely have this fetish.

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