Story Time: Girl wetting in her jeans while facesitting on me.

For a very long time a had a huge fantasy, and that was that a girl was wearing tight jeans, sitting on my face, and then pissing in her tight jeans.

One time I was in contact with a sexy girl around my age at that time (25) who was also experimenting on the sexual side. And she loved to wet herself while having sex.

I’d explained to her that I’d would love it if she would wet her own jeans while sitting on my face.
She loved that idea!

We met on a friday evening, and as agreed she’d come to me in a tight skinny jeans.
That evening my doorbell did go off and i walked downstairs to pick her up.

I let her in and let her walk in front of me up the stairs.
All to look at her tight jeans ass walking upstairs.

When she walked up the stairs I just grabbed her hips and kissed her jeans ass.
I pushed my face right into her tight jeans ass and lick and smell her sexy jeans ass.
It was delicious!

She said she had too pee so badly..
So we walked right into the living room.

There we talked for a few minutes and she said she couldn’t hold it any longer..
I stood up, grabbed her hand to walk with me, and laid down in the living room.
Come sit on me, I said..

While I was laying down she stood on top of me.
That view was just so f*ckn hot!

She came down and sit on my face.
She pulled my jeans off and started sucking me off..

While she was sucking me I was just licking her tight jeans ass and jeans crotch.
“Oh I need to pee so badly..” she said.
I replied with “Piss all over me, and wet your tight jeans honey…I want to lick your tight wet jeans..”

Then she started wetting in her jeans.. the sound.. the feel.. the look.. it was so hot!
I just let her piss slide into my mouth, and it tasted lovely.

In the meantime she started to spit on my cock..
And the feel of spit landing on your cock is so hot..

After she wetted her tight jeans she ordered me to lick her pussy clean.
She pulled down her pants and I sat on my face again.
I just licked her piss drenched pussy completely clean..
Then I continued to lick her ass.

She was sucking me off again and she order me too piss in her mouth..
Without hesitation I let everything go and filled her mouth with my piss.
She moaned so hard while I was pissing in her mouth..

When I was done she started to suck me off so sloppy.. I could’t hold it any longer.
Before I knew it I was filling her mouth with my cum while intensely lick her ass.

After I filled her mouth with my cum she came off me and before I knew it we were kissing with cum in our mouthes. She just played with my cum and let it drool inside my mouth.

After she swallowed everything, we hit the showers to clean up on ourselves..

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