The first time I dated as a crossdresser

So when I was a bit bored and horny I was hanging around on a chat site.
I started to chat with a guy living near to me.

He said he liked crossdressers very much and did not had much experience with crossdressers or other men.
I personally like people who do not have much experience, for me it is an indicator that he is not having sex with everyone and does care about his safety.
I told him I like to dress up sometimes, and that I was already wearing a panty and jeans shorts.

I send him a pic of what I was wearing.

Me in Pantys and jeans shorts

It got him turned on very much.
Soon after I got a picture of him, and I liked what I saw.
He had e fit body, tight ass and a lovely cock..

I became really horny too and started to touch myself in my tight jeans shorts.
I started to rub myself in my jeans shorts and I felt my dick growing..
We talked about what we’d like to do with each other when we meet.

I told him that if we’d meet, I would would go on my knees, lick all over his tight boxers while feeling his grow harder, enjoy the taste of his dick, and then put his dick in my warm sweet slutty wet mouth..
Then I would continue to suck his dick while still growing in my mouth, and while I was sucking I would moan.. and suck sloppy, until he came all in my mouth…

This turned us on so much we decided to meet.

I came to his house with a pounding heart, but extremely horny.
He opened the door and I came in.

I dropped my normal clothing once I was in.
There I was, with my sexy panty’s, tight jeans shorts, like a little young horny slut…
I saw him looking at me with lust.. and that made me even more horny.

I was only minutes away of me sucking like a little slut with my mouth filled with cum..
We walked upstairs towards the bathroom.
I walked first up the stairs so he could take a good look at my ass.
Then we walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

There he put down his pants, while I was sitting at the border of that bathtub.
I saw a nice fit body with some tight boxer shorts with a nice surprise in it.
I spread my legs so he could feel my crotch, and I felt his hand just grabbing my crotch all over.
I grabbed his ass with one hand, and with the other I grabbed his dick.

Only 30 seconds past before he started to cum..
He quickly walked into the shower to cum there..
I was disappointed that the cum didn’t shoot all over over me.

What I did next is walk towards him and sit on my knees.
I grabbed his dick and saw the sperm over all his dick.
Slowly I opened my mouth, and let his cock slowly insert in my mouth.
I tasted his cum, his big dick in my mouth, and started to moan like a little slut..
It got me so horny that I played with his cum in my mouth while I was sucking the rest out of him.

After sucking him he put me on the border of the bathtub again, and started to jerk me off.
While he was doing that I just grabbed his tight ass and felt all over.
It didn’t take long before I cummed all over.

The cum was on his hands, my jeans shorts, everywhere, and I loved it.

And that’s how we ended, I went home again and was a horny experience richer.
On my way home I cummed once more in my jeans shorts while thinking about his cum in my mouth.