[BLOG] Love to cum in my tight jeans

I love to cum in my own tight jeans.I love the feel of how all the seamen is shooting in my jeans. And then to see how my jeans are becoming wetter and wetter. Now I’ve done this for years.I also love to make woman cum and squirt in their jeans. In the past I’ve …

[BLOG] Crossdressing in Tight Jeans

Because I have a jeans fetish, I love crossdressing in tight jeans.Why? I like the feeling of tight jeans around my legs so much.Plus I think there is nothing more sexy then tight jeans. There is nothing that gets me more excited then skinny jeans.That includes skinny jeans around my own body. The way I …

[BLOG] I struggle with my jeans fetish

For all my life I have this jeans fetish.My jeans fetish goes as far as I don’t even want to see a girl naked. I’d rather see a girl in skintight jeans and enjoying her body in a few skinnies. But this also comes with a few struggles.For example, everywhere I go I’m distracted by …

Sexy Girl In Tight Levis Jeans

I love girls in tight Navy Levis Jeans.This girl is lying on the couch and showing her sexy jeans ass in front of the camera.

Sexy Girls in Tight Jeans

Who doesn’t love cute and sexy teens in tight jeans?These girls spreads their legs and show their asses in their skinny jeans.